Full Day “Christ Centered” Marriage Intensive Boot Camp

Just you, your spouse and an expert guide

Do you feel disconnected from your spouse? Lonely? Are you experiencing a loss of intimacy in your marriage?

Many couples struggling with these issues want to address them in traditional couples counseling but are intimidated by the time commitment or were dissatisfied by pastoral counseling they received in the past. They want results more quickly. We’re excited to introduce the Christian Marriage Intensive Boot Camp to meet this need! Supported by the latest cutting-edge, research-based, strategies, the Marriage Intensive Boot Camp gives you the results of months of counseling in just one day!



In this Marriage Intensive Boot Camp you will receive:

  • Affordable Christ Centered and Couples Centered counseling.
  • Marriage counseling that Integrates Biblical, theological, and scientific research to improve marital relationship satisfaction tailored to each couples beliefs and values systems.
  • A full and detailed assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, and behaviors as a couple.
  • Professional counseling and coaching from a Gottman Method trained marriage therapist.
  • Practical and effective COMMUNICATION, CONFLICT, and FRIENDSHIP strategies based upon The Gottman Method. John and Julie Gottman are the leading relationship experts in the world. John Gottman has amassed over 50 years of relationship research with his “Gottman Method” and “Sound Relationship House Theory” of couples counseling. His research and strategies have helped over 3,000 couples and is one of the top methodologies used by couple’s counselors today. 
  • We offer 6 to 8 hour packages with breaks integrated into the sessions.

What to Expect

  • The first half of the day will be spent reviewing and reflecting on your Gottman Assessment results, assessing your strengths and weaknesses as a couple and addressing any major issues that need to be discussed.
  • The second half of the intensive will be focused on learning effective conflict strategies which will address any major couple’s issues that need to be processed and dealt with. 

Meet Your Guide

Gregg graduated from Duquesne University with a Bachelor’s of Theology, experiencing life changing travel to Rome Italy to study. On his return home he took an unexpected chance and moved to Los Angeles CA in pursuit of acting and music careers; ultimately his experience led him to study ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary where he earned a Master of Theology Degree.

Gregg felt called to become a psychotherapist after working for various Catholic and Protestant churches, in 2022 graduating Geneva College with his Master’s in Counseling for Marriage, Family, and Couple Counseling. With years of experience treating trauma cases as well as family counseling for Marriage Family Couple Counseling issues he uses an eclectic person centered approach when treating clients including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Bowenian Therapy etc while using humor (when appropriate) while building rapport.

Gregg is an enthusiastic fan of movies, comic books, music, martial arts and theology – especially of Pittsburgh itself, its culture and sports teams! But his favorite activity is working alongside his wife as a photographer on photo assignments in different parts of the globe – something they both share a passion for!


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