Marriage Counseling

Rekindle Connection, Resolve Conflicts, and Build a Stronger Bond

A successful marriage requires more than just having love for your spouse. The two of you must be a team and communicate properly to overcome any challenges that come your way. Sometimes, you lost your way and need guidance on reconnecting with your partner. 

Taking part in marriage counseling can help you build a stronger relationship based on traditional Christian values. If you believe your marriage could benefit from couples therapy services, turn to Grace Christian Counseling. We offer both in-person and online marriage therapy and are the go-to source for Christian counseling in Western PA. 

Navigate Relationship Hurdles Together

Major Life Changes Impact Marriages 

God works in mysterious ways and may present you and your partner with unforeseen challenges. These life challenges can have a negative effect on your marriage if you don’t know how to respond to them as a united front.

Our relationship counseling experts will facilitate discussions between you and your spouse and help you overcome issues such as:

  • Addictions 
  • Infidelity 
  • Relationship changes after handing a baby 
  • Financial worries 

Regain Your Emotional and Physical Connection

Participate in Effective Communication Workshops 

Your union doesn’t need to be hit with a sudden crisis to benefit from marriage counseling. Many couples gradually become distant and have issues communicating. At Grace Christian Counseling, we’ll help you get to the root of the problem and give you practical tips for better communication. 

When you’re able to have a productive and meaningful discussion with your partner, if will strengthen your emotional bond. The physical body can improve as a result. 

Personalized Sessions With a Compassionate Counselor

Work With Experts Who Promote Christian Values in a Marriage 

At Grace Christian Counseling, our team of licensed counselors is here to listen to the concerns of you and your partner. Our goal is to help you overcome relationship challenges and grow closer to each other and to God.

You’ll never enter a sessions and feel judgement or hostility from our counselors but will instead see them as a valuable resource to your marriage. 

We understand that navigating a relationship can be stressful and take a toll on your faith. Let our professional counselors lead you and your partner on a better spiritual path with every session.

Harvest Healthy Relationships at Grace Christian Counseling

Grace Christian Counseling is the area’s trusted family and marriage counseling center. Discover the benefits of relationship counseling by scheduling an appointment today. Contact our team at (724) 863-7223 to learn more about how we can help

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Should You Receive Marriage Counseling?

You can go to couples counseling at any point in your marriage, either to enhance it or to work through existing issues.

2. Can You Receive Couples Counseling Individually?

Yes, you and your spouse may work with a counselor individually, but joint sessions are the best way to work through challenges in your marriage.

3. Where Can I Find Marriage Counselors Near Me?

If you’re in Western Pennsylvania, marriage counseling experts are available via Grace Christian Counseling. Online counseling services are also available for all Pennsylvania residents.

Grace’s Counseling Blueprint

Integrating Biblical & Clinical Care

Take off the Mask

Grace counselors act as a mirror reflecting back to you how God actually sees you. Imagine embracing how God sees you rather than putting on a mask.

Heal the Wounds

Our Christian counselors help you unpack your pain. Once you’ve located the root issues, you’ll work together to create healing for your wound.

Remove the Toxins

While it’s tempting to create another mask, our integrated Christian counseling helps you remove the toxic beliefs that are rotting you.

Replace with Truth

All truth is God’s and is critical for your transformation. To be all that you can be, it’s vital you understand who you were created to be.

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Other Services

Explore a few ways Grace Christian Counselors can help

Grief Counseling

Losing someone you love hurts really bad. How do you keep going when your heart has been ripped from your chest? At first, you’ll likely find support all around. But after a few weeks, the calls, visits, and food stop, and now, you’re alone. You don’t have to journey through grief alone. Grace’s Christian counselors are trained to guide you through this difficult season.

Trauma Counseling

Just over half of us will experience at least one traumatic event in our lives. Trauma can occur through any event that causes you psychological or emotional harm. Some common events are chronic abuse, sexual violence, being bullied, or abandonment. Our Christian counselors use clinically-informed therapies to help you confront your trauma with coping skills you need to break free.

Sexual Addiction Counseling

Do you feel trapped by always thinking about sex? Does your preoccupation with sex interfere with your daily life? Are you putting yourself or others in danger to fulfill your sexual urges? Grace Christian counselors use evidence-based therapies centered around Christ to help you regain your life from the guilt, shame, and disconnection in sexual addiction.

Spiritual Abuse/Church Hurt Counseling

How do you regain clarity about who God is, your identity, and trust for the people of God after being spiritually abused? Churches are supposed to be communities built around deep love for and trust in one another, especially the leadership. Our counselors are ready to help you navigate through your spiritual pain so that you can be free in God and the church.

Spiritual Warfare Counseling

As Christian counselors we understand that there is more going on than just what meets the eye. Since we apply the best and most current clinically-informed therapies from a biblical worldview, we do not neglect the spiritual component of your identity. We are all involved in a spiritual war, and Grace Christian counselors are ready to equip you with the spiritual weapons you need to succeed.

Anxiety & Depression Counseling

Anxiety and depression distort how we feel, think, and handle mundane activities such as sleep, nutrition, and work for extended periods of time. Both are among the most effectively treated mental disorders with routine therapy being one of the most effective treatment options.


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