Imagine that right now you are living fully in the extraordinary life God crafted just for you. What are you doing? What does it feel like? No matter what your life looks like right now, God wants you to THRIVE. Grace is a team of licensed, Christian counselors who get up everyday eager to help you discover and embrace all of who God made you to be. Biblically-based and clinically-informed, we’re ready to equip you with the tools you need to THRIVE throughout Western PA and all of Pennsylvania.


Explore God’s Dream for your Life.


The crucial first step to THRIVE is Togetherness because God created us to be in relationships with one another. Our therapists build a connection with you. We’re not built for isolation. Healing and growth, then, happen when we come together.


Ever feel like you don’t deserve to be happy? Or, happiness will always be just out of reach for you? We’re all broken. Holiness, or happiness, is how God brings wholeness to us. Through the cross is how we have joyful communion with God and each other.


You are extraordinary with a unique story the world needs. This also means that the obstacles you face have a unique twist. Our counseling explores your particular twists so that we can tailor a plan of care that has Relevance for your needs.


Integration is where we explore every aspect of who you are. We all have many roles that shape our identities. It can easily get confusing and out-of-whack. Our Christian counseling guides you as you prioritize and align your pieces into wholeness.


Do you find yourself hesitating to have a vision for your life? What if God has already given you the pieces you need and the freedom to act? Discover how to breakthrough your plateau to become a Visionary living God’s dream for you.


Stop for a moment: how different would your life look if you knew that there was always someone in your corner? And, this someone is the maker of everything? This type of Expectancy that God is always with you unlocks powerful new tools for your growth.


Getting to THRIVE from Survive

Take off the Mask

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We put on masks to protect us from judgment and to hide our pain. Yet the more we hide ourselves, the more we disappear and get lost. When we take off our masks, our vulnerability creates the space for change and growth. Grace counselors act as a mirror reflecting back to you how God actually sees you. Imagine embracing how God sees you rather than putting on a mask.

Heal the Wounds

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We are all wounded as we walk around in our broken world. Just like getting a cut or scrape, we can get emotional, psychological, and spiritual wounds too. These wounds heal like physical ones. Our Christian counselors help you identify and unpack your pain. Once you’ve located the root issues, you’ll work together to create new meaning and healing for your wound.

Remove the Toxins

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Oftentimes, toxins build up in our wounds. These toxins are the false beliefs that fester and poison us as we try to heal our wounds. Some common toxins are “I’m not good enough,” “I’m worthless,” “I’m not safe,” or “I deserve this abuse.” Our Christian counselors equip you to actively remove these toxins from your Self so that you can be free to dance in God’s dream for you.

Replace with Truth

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As our wounds heal and the destructive toxins of false beliefs are removed, truth fills in the empty space. In order for us to be all that we can be, it’s vital we understand the truth of who we were created to be. All truth is God’s truth, and truth is critical to our transformation. Our integrated approach builds from the Bible with evidence-based therapeutic practices.

See What Others Are Saying

"I have received incredible support from Grace Wellness Center for several years now. The Center does a wonderful job of caring for people individually. I meet with my counselor online. At first I was concerned how it would feel compared to counseling in person but the care I have received has been excellent. They also have in-person services as well where I'm confident you'd receive the same incredible service and care."
Nick L.
"God definitely lead me and my wife to Grace Wellness Center. Biblical based counseling has added so much to our marriage. We have also referred others who always speak highly of their experience."
Shawn H.
"My experience was always so pleasant. Everyone was welcoming and friendly (they have a therapy dog that walks the hallways sometimes. So gentle and sweet!). My counselor has done an incredible job pushing me and hearing me and helping me grow."
Katie W.
"Amazing therapists! You can tell they love what they do and love Jesus!! Thank you Grace Wellness ❤️’”
“Steve was one of the best counselors I have gone to in over 10 years. His wisdom, insight, humor, and empathy was very helpful and appreciated. I would recommend him and grace wellness to anyone who needs God centered counseling..”
Mike B.
“My Experienced with The therapist that I was assigned was great. She was very attentive gave excellent advice and was at agreement with my faith. She definitely understood where I was coming from and help me to evolve to the next level that I needed.”
Shannon L.

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